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The distinctive herbs and components detoxify and decontaminate the body. These ayurvedic teas improve well-being and continuance.



Our true teas are formulated for true wellness to support body, mind, & spirit.


Matcha Ware

Our matcha-ware products are skillfully designed to balance minimalist aesthetics with contemporary functionality, ensuring a quality matcha-making procedure.

We take pride in presenting a carefully selected assortment of teaware products, designed and curated with the help of the finest craftsmen.

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Ayurveda herbal tea is a blend of different ingredients, each having its own properties and working to serve a pain-point or function like - offer digestion, gut health, relaxation, calm, enhanced immunity, anti-inflamation, detoxication, sleep and promote successfull aging. Ayurveda roots or ground herbs are adaptogens, that have the the ability to reduce stress, anxiety and inflamation naturally.

Adaptogens like Ayurveda herbs,roots and plants for our teas or additions to "True Teas", like Black or Green are procured from South India.

Adaptogens with or without " True Teas" (with Caffeine -like green tea or oolong tea) may help improve your memory, cognitive brain, longivity, enjoy pain free aging, and be younger longer.

Generally speaking, Ayurveda doesn’t promote one spice or herb for one pain-point or function. Instead, it uses a combo of ingredients and a personalised approach depending on your body type: Vata, Pitta and Kapha, referred to as dosha or energy. Our customised approach is to determine the most benefit and balance for you depending on quantity of the 5 energies of nature -Fire, Water, Air, Earth and Ether that are present in your body(see blog with FAQ on Body type). Our "True teas", come from Japan, China and India. Most products on our website give information about the country/region where the teas come from. Having said that, If you wish to get more details you may ask at: glopower.cs@gmail.com and we will be happy to answer your queries.

Floral And Fruit Teas

Most of our collection of Flowers and Fruits for teas is from New Zealand.



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