Plant - Ayurveda Massages: Abhyanga

Ayurveda Massages: Abhyanga

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There are several herbal Ayurvedic style massages available depending on your physiology and body type.

The basis of all Ayurveda massages lies in the word “Sneha” (meaning “love”) and your unique dosha.

In this blog, we'll focus on “Abhyanga”, the basic Ayurvedic massage, which you can get done every day.

Massaging your body all over with oil will help you stimulate and also release muscle tension, calm your brain's chatter and nervous system. This is called “Abhyanga”.

Abhyanga brings a calming effect on your metabolism, lymphatic drainage, and will also nourish your skin. The basis of Abhyanga massage is not quick rigorous stokes but rather manipulative to give you energy through opening chakras. Abhyanga is more like deep tissue massage.

The Abhyanga Process

Your Ayurveda doctor will guide you and your practitioner, on the type of massage you need or should take depending on the state of your skin, e.g. Dry or having breakouts. Your oil sensitivity level is also observed. Depending on your physiology and dosha; a decision on the type of strokes for you will be customized.

Examples if you are a:

  • Vata – gentle sattvic touch will be used.
  • Pitta – will need deeper rajasic strokes.
  • Kapha – will require more deep tamasic strokes.

“Abhyanga is called the glowing massage and the glow comes from inside out.” Dr. Pratima Raichuni



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