GTF 1 - Helping Healthy Aging Tea

Benefits of Glo Tea Formula 1- Helping Healthy aging Tea

Glo Tea formula 1 – Healthy Aging Tea

Glo Tea Formula 1-Helping healthy aging tea, an Ayurveda recipe is made for everyone (all 3 body types - Doshas), and especially for those of you, who believe in keeping fit and 'younger longer'.

The primary ingredients of Glo Tea Formula 1- Helping healthy aging tea, are Himalayan shilajit and  Kashmir saffron originating from the Himalayas. Shilajit has been used for generations, and recent scientific research has shown its potential health benefits, especially in healthy aging, as in keeping fit/being 'younger longer'.

Besides  Himalayan Shilajit &  Kashmir Saffron there are 15 other Ayurveda spices and herbs and green tea that will help keep you energetic and 'younger longer'. The ground herbs we use are said to act as anti-depressants, mood enhancers, push out damaged cells , anti-inflammatory, with antioxidants leading to stamina and vitality. At the same time GTF 1- healthy aging tea, a herbal Ayurveda tea recipe works on your body by nourishing you inside out.

The GTF 1- healthy aging tea, can boost your immunity with organic root superfoods and minerals, and help you get a 'radiant and smoother skin'; unlike from skin surface only, with chemically formulated creams. Skin health is an important part of feeling 'younger longer' as  if, what you see in the mirror makes you feel good and happy, the more endorphins are generated.

The polyphenols, flavonoids, catechins, theanine in our Ayurveda tea may help your skin glow. The huge amount of antioxidants, minerals, and enzymes from ground herbs and roots, and green tea contained, in GTF 1- healthy aging tea, can be beneficial in flushing out toxins from our bodies.

Glo Tea Formula 1 - Helping healthy aging tea, an Ayurveda herbal tea recipe, has also been found by some to aid in weight loss. The tea is refreshing, subtly sweet, and spicy at the same time. Each sachet in the pouch, contains 2 steeps or 4-5 strained servings, for morning and evening, depending on how strong or light, you would like your tea to be.

This GTF 1 - Helping healthy aging tea is an Ayurveda herbal loose leaf tea with many benefits:

✔️Provides antioxidants, polyphenols, and flavonoids for younger longer.

✔️Has been found to Detox and cleanse fat.

✔️Helped people increase their energy and vitality

✔️Will boosts immune system 

✔️Says goodbye to cramps and pain due anti-inflammaton effect (see customer testimonials/ reviews)

✔️Is a mood changer- glowing effect ( see testimonials/customer reviews).

✔️Full of benefits derived from green tea - catechins, and theanine (amino acids).

✔️GTF 1- Helping healthy Aging, Ayurveda herbal tea may improve your skin. 

All the above benefits lead to younger longer, journey with Ayurveda natural ingredients.

Ingredients: Shilajit, Saffron, Indian Ginseng, Musli, Cinnamon Ceylon, Cinnamon, Bengal Velvet Bean, Herbal Ignite, Kudzu, Spanish Chamomile, Nutmeg, Yam, Clove, Green Cardamom, Liquorice, and Green tea                                              

A word of Caution!

Please do not drink more than two cups of this tea per day. It can be harmful as it may lead to going to the bathroom too often, headaches, sweating, or even vomiting.

*We can customize your tea, GTF 1-Helping healthy aging tea recipe, as per your requirement by adding or removing certain ingredients that suit you or don't agree with you. We are committed to helping you in your wellness journey towards healthy aging and younger longer.

Therefore, with minor adjustments, based on your body type ( Doshas- Vata, Pitta and Kapha),and physiology we can customize your tea. Remember, I'm just a click away if you have any queries.

Disclaimer: This Blog is for informational purposes only. It’s not intended to replace medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Every person is different and may react to different herbs and teas differently. Never use teas or herbs to treat serious medical conditions on your own. Always seek professional medical advice before choosing home herbs and teas that are not scientifically authenticated..

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