Most of our collection of Flowers and Fruits for teas is from New Zealand. A few like pepperment leaves and chamomile flowers are from Egypt due their superior quality.

Fruits of New Zealand from berries to peaches, apricots and apples taste exotic. The fruits are mostly freeze dried and no sugar or artificial sweetner is added. All New Zealand fruits are non-GMO.

Flowers, the end product of plants have valuable health properties for us. You may use a full blown flowers only tea, or if you wish to just have a floral hint, then you may blend them in your favoutite teas. Flowers' teas smell good and are visually captivating.

Fruits contain minerals,antioxidants and vitamins that can help heal our bodies from within.Its important to have some amount of fruits everyday due to the high level of antioxidants, especially in berries and citrus fruits.


Floral and Fruit Teas