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BlueBerry Zesty Tea
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Blueberry Zesty Tea

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This fruit🍎 infusion of Blueberry🫐 tea will treat you to sweet and juicy berry flavours with a lemony 🍋 twist.Beetroot pieces add the final color to this beautiful brew.

Ingredients: pinapple sugar,apple 🍏pieces, freeze dried blueberries 🫐,beetroot pieces and freeze dried lemon 🍋  peel. ll the ingredients are from New Zealand.

This combo fruits is full of  minerals, vitamins and loaded with antioxidants. It releases good chemicals in your brain and memory.

Preparation of Blueberry Zesty Tea

1. A teaspoon full of the Zesty tea for 1 cup

2. Hot water at 95 C 

3. Steep the the tea in hotwater for 5-7 min.

4. Cover the cup while steeping.

Note: While making a cold brew Blueberry Zesty tea, it is recommended ,you steep in hot water and then cool it, refrigerate or add ice as you desire.

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