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Glass Katakuchi Serving Bowl

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Introducing a theatrical element to your modern matcha-brewing experience, this stunning matcha katakuchi (spouted bowl) is designed for whisking matcha and pouring it into a chawan.

A stylish blend of beautiful aesthetics and ergonomic design, this matcha katakuchi is specially handcrafted to create an all-in-one matcha-brewing device for modern-day matcha lovers. The bowl features heat-resistant borosilicate glass, a visually striking and practical material to showcase the beautiful color of the matcha as it’s being prepared.

The serving or whisking  bowl's internal depth and curvature are precisely designed to accommodate the matcha whisking process and prevent splashing to the upper part of the bowl. It features a depression along its sides to provide a natural handhold, and a concave base to ensure your fingers can grip it without slipping as you pour your freshly whisked matcha with one hand into your favorite serving chawan/bowl/cup.

Unlike a traditional chawan bowl, whose ceramic surface can easily wear away the tip of your chasen bamboo whisk, this preparation bowl features a glass surface that is whisk-friendly, providing a more durable  and nob-maintenance long-term solution to your daily matcha making. Perfect for use with our Traditional Chasen.


 Dimensions: Widest Diameter 5.6" / Height 3.3" Capacity 500ml

+/-10% variations may occur due to the handmade nature of the product


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