Assam Green Adventure tea
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Assam Green Adventure Tea

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This tea contains Caffeine.

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Assam green tea comes from Camellia Sanseis Var, Assamica plant in India. In fact, all 6 types of teas come from the same plant Camellia Sanseis Var Sanseis (whether it is China, Japan or India) they just vary slightly in name.

Both varietals are used to make black tea. Most Indian tea is produced as black tea although you will find some estates producing green, oolong and white tea as well. The Assamica tea leaves are characterized by large leaves with their malty smoothness.

Because of their rich, malty, robust character, Assamica teas make good breakfast teas that go well with milk. Assamica teas with golden tips in them are the finest quality.

The L-theanine and caffeine in green tea helps boost energy while keeping a person in a quiet alert state of mind. For this reason, we can say that, green tea is a nuetropic and a productivity enhancer. L-theanine has been found to reduce anxiety and high blood pressure. EGCg is most abundant in green tea and it is best to have it 30 minutes before meals, as it is best absorbed in the small intestine.

Green tea has recently been proven to increase Dopamine and serotonins in rats. Not only that in 2017 improvement in cognitive wiring in the brains of aging rats has also been proven.


  • One heaped teaspoon lose leaves
  • Water temperature 85-90 degrees celsius
  • Steeping time 50-70 seconds (if fresh leaves)
  • If processed leaves steep for 1-2 minutes to get the most value of L-theanine, catechins and caffeine.

The fresh leaves of Assamica green tea will give you a luminous green color and yellowish-golden if you are using processed green tea leaves.


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