Formosa Oolong Tea

Formosa Oolong Tea

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This tea contains Caffeine.

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Taiwan is producing some of the most fragrant and beautiful oolong teas in the world. The intense scent of dry Oriental beauty leaves, sweetness, creaminess and lightness of high mountain teas and unique strong honey flavor (of the Honey oolong) may surpass every expectation you ever had of tea, and turn you into a tea lover for life. 

What is Formosa tea?

Basically Formosa Oolong tea is all tea from Taiwan. About 500 years ago Portuguese named the main island of Taiwan – Formosa – or the beautiful island. The main tea produced in Taiwan was and still is oolong, the term is almost always related to oolong tea. It first appeared in the 19th century when the Scottish tea merchant started selling tea made on the island of Taiwan. There is one more small place in Portugal that produces Formosa Oolong which is quite different from Taiwan.

The most important Taiwan oolong teas:

  • High mountain or gao shan oolong
  • Dong ding oolong with a long finish (Roasty, Toasty and Aromatic)
  • Baozhong oolong
  • Oriental Beauty or white tipped Oolong
  • Muzha Ti Kwan Yin oolong, a tea similar to the Chinese Ti Kwan Yin. This tea is produced using traditional methods, medium oxidized and charcoal roasted

The most popular Formosa black tea is a Sun Moon Lake tea, a unique tea something between two main tea varities of – Camillia sinensis and assamica(Indian).


Formosa Island, Taiwan


Sharp Fruitiness and warming

Likely Benefits

  • wellbeing
  • weightloss
  • heart health

 Brewing /preparation of Formosa Oolong Tea?

Short multiple steeps

Oolong teas from Taiwan come with complex flavors. There are many different layered notes present in the many infusions from the same leaves. In fact, most high mountain oolongs and White Tipped oolongs are best if you brew them using the following technique:

1. For traditional style brewing, of Formosa Oolong tea, use a small teapot, preheat  and fill the bottom with tea leaves, usually around 5-10 grams. Use boiling water, wash the leaves with one very short 10-15 seconds infusion.The next one should be around 20-40 seconds long, and good for drinking. For more infusions increase the steep time.

2. For the western style brewing of Formosa Oolong tea, use approximately 1 teaspoon of tea leaves per one cup of water and brew for 1-5 minutes, depending on the type. Personally I find brewing for 3-5 minutes gives a better flavor than when using short infusions. But then I'm a 'strong tea lover'.

3.Formosa oolong tea is great for cold brewing. Put around 1-2 tablespoons of tea leaves into a large ice-tea infuser or a pitcher with a lid. Add about 1-1.5 litres of cold water and let it steep overnight,depending on the type of leaves.

 Note1 :Use water temperature of around 190°F to 200°F and steep for 1-3 minutes. Some Formosa oolongs should be steeped for more than 5 minutes, so always read the instructions on the packaging.

Note2 : For Gong fu style Brewing see “Brewing Guides” under menu item – Community.

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