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Discount at 10% off storewide till 31 Jan. 2022;To avail Mention code" NY2022". For Purchase of $75 and above avail Free Shipping and Mention code "NY75" at Check out.
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Japan Gyokuru Green Tea
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Japan Gyokuro Green Tea

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This tea contains Caffeine.

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Gyokuro is not your everyday drinking green tea. It is something of an experience which should be savoured whenever you want to treat yourself. The brewing process is very different from most other tea and the texture and flavour of the tea are totally unique.

Gyokuro is made from heavily shaded green tea. In the same way as growing Tencha (to make Matcha), the shading stops the leaves from converting Theanine to Catechins and increases the amount of Chlorophyll. The resulting high Theanine content in the tea means that you get a huge mouthful of mood-enhancing umami in your cup!

This Gyokuro has been shaded for three weeks up to 90% and hand-picked (a lot of Japanese green tea is machine picked tea). It is grown in Fujieda from the late flushing Okumidori cultivar which means that the tea is protected against any spring frosts for perfect growing conditions.

The taste of this tea is something to prepare yourself for if you have not tried a quality Gyokuro before. Get ready for an intense Umami (rich and savoury) taste and super thick mouthfeel. For some people, the umami is too strong but I think that this particular Gyokuro balances the umami with herbaceous top notes.

 Brewing Gyokuro green tea

We always recommend experimenting with brewing parameters however, we suggest that you try the following method at least once to have the full Gyokuro experience.

  1. Measure out 6g per 100ml of water. This is a good amount for 1-2 people.
  2. Preheat the teaware with very hot water and pour away the water before you are ready to brew. We recommend a Shiboridashi or wide and flat pot that is not too much larger capacity than the amount of tea you are making.
  3. Add the tea leaves to the pot and enjoy the aroma briefly (we don't want the pot to go cold before brewing).
  4. A cold Gyokoru brew that is broth like thick, smooth and umami tea, pour over room temperature water and leave to brew for 14 minutes. For a slightly less umami with more minerality, pour over 50 degree Celsius water (120F) and leave to brew for 3 minutes. 
  5. Strain the tea into a Gong Dao Bei or directly into cups.
  6. Enjoy the first infusion of Gyokuro - this is the most flavourful brew. Savour small and concentrated sips of tea.
  7. For the second infusion brew with 50 degree Celcius (120F) water for 150 seconds.
  8. For the third infusion brew with 50 degree Celcius (120F) water for 180 seconds.
  9. For the fourth infusion brew with 70 degree Celcius (160F) water for 150 seconds
  10. For the fifth infusion brew with 80 degree Celcius (175F) water for 150 seconds.
  11. You can keep infusing but after five infusions the tea is usually lacking flavour.
  12. NOTE: You can take the leaves and add a squeeze of lemon juice and some soy sauce and eat with a meal or by itself. Be cautious  on the amount of leaves you eat as they continue to contain some caffeine and you don't want to get an overdose of caffeine!

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