Pu-reh Tea

Pu-reh Tea

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Net Weight-80 gm

This tea contains Caffeine.

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Our Pu reh tea is 12 years aged.

80gm, 2008 year cake form.

 You have to drink this tea again and again to acquire the taste,becuse its not like any other!

About Pu reh , "With the right environment, and the right tea, you get something utterly unique: a drink that slinks down your throat and hugs your belly, relaxes your muscles and calms your mind. The best aged tea is medicine you want to gulp, full of bitter chocolate or stonefruit or wet soil." Max Falkowitz

Pu reh teas are usually partially fermented with microbes and micro-flora present in the tea.


Yunan, China


Sweetish and woody


"You know it when you are drinking, you are drinking time."  Max Falkowitz


 Brewing Pu reh tea

No matter what kind of pu-erh you have, brewing it is relatively straightforward.

Like other fine Chinese teas, Green or White tea, it benefits from using a lot of leaf in small pots, brewing at lower temperatures (190 degrees Farenheit) and for shorter times (15 to 60 seconds) in order to avoid the tea becoming coarse and sharp.

It develops over a series of as many as two dozen infusions with boiling or near-boiling water, adjusting as you go. More than most tea, pu-erh is built for change, not just over months and years, but over a single brew session.

You can use a scale to weigh - Gongfu style

Ripe Pu reh needs to be rinsed twice and Raw Pu reh once.

- take  six- to 10-gram chunk with a butter knife

-100-ml gaiwan or clay teapot.

- Fresh young sheng pu-erh will develop in your pot as you keep re-steeping, and more mature aged teas can travel from dank and mushroomy to spicy-sweet to grapey-floral.

Western Style Brewing

-1 teaspoon of Pu reh tea

-180 ml filtered water

-Water Temperature -190 degrees Farenheit or 85 degrees celsius

-Re-steep upto 10 times

Note: Properly stored Pu-erh tea should be fragrant, pure and smooth, and offer long lasting after-taste that coats the mouth and throat.

Disclaimer *As with all Ayurvedic products we recommend you consult your health care specialist and pregnant women should strictly avoid this product.

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