Source: Japanese minimalist 30 day matcha challenge: Discovering matcha health benefits!

About this youtube: Aki, a minimalist, a Kimono style school teacher in Japan. He makes videos about his daily life. In this youtube he talks about his  experience,research and findings on benefits of matcha tea from tea ceremony teachers.

True Teas are teas other than the Ayurveda herbal teas. Although some teas like green tea and matcha  green tea are considered as herbal also due to their low percentage of caffeine.

All teas from the Camilia Sanisies plant are labeled as True teas on our website. The six teas from this plant are : Green, Black, White, Yellow, Oolong and Pu reh teas. 

Our Matcha green teas are so compelling that you won't want to put down your cup. Each time you sip, you will want a bigger sip next. Those of you who are beginners to matcha green tea, will do the same after a few days of starting and seeing you alertness, calmness and more.

Tea Brewing Styles: For true teas like green, oolong and white teas the Chinese and Japanese tea brewing styles are quite different from the way we brew and drink the same teas in Western Style. There are 4 main differences between Chinese or Gong fu Versus Western tea brewing styles.

1. The amount or quantity of tea leaves used per cup or 100ml of water

2. The amount of water used for each brew.

3. The Infusion or steeping time for brewing each tea

4. The tea used for 1st infusion can be steeped many more times; 3-8 infusions in Gong fu style versus 1-3 infusions in Western tea brewing style.

Note: For basic details on brewing style variants, see Tea Brewing Guides in the Community pages on the Menu.