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Discount at 10% off storewide till 31 Jan. 2022;To avail Mention code" NY2022". For Purchase of $75 and above avail Free Shipping and Mention code "NY75" at Check out.
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Ayurveda Herbal Tea Therapies

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Ayurveda roots or ground herbs are adaptogens, that have the the ability to reduce stress and anxiety naturally. Adaptogens with or without true teas (with Caffeine -like green tea or oolong tea) may help improve your memory, cognitive brain, longivity, sleep better, enjoy painless aging, reduce stress and anxiety, and be younger longer.

#1. Ayurveda Herbal Tea Therapies for Energy and Vitality💪

Glo Power Teas' project is inspired by Ayurveda Science more than 5000 years ancient system of natural healing. We are committed to giving you functional tea recipes for managing healthy aging, day- to- day ailments, inflammation, and pain.

I’m a mature Indian female and definitely do not like to depend on anyone including my two boys. I’m sure neither would you like to, once your children are full adults. Our goal is to make a million people aware, render knowledge and supply therapeutic teas to address your bio-rhythm, physical, and mental wellbeing.

Glo Power Teas project is a gateway to 'Ayurveda herbal systems'. We are implementing it through  ancient Ayurveda herbal teas and Shilajit; for vitality, immunity,  strength, endurance, wellness, memory boosting and healthy aging { through regeneration of body cells (Collagen and peptides) and brain neurons} and much more.

Glo Power Teas is an holistic system, based on ancient 5000 years old philosophy of Ayurveda health systems: Indian alternative practices and Naturopathy systems for health and wellness applications. Our processes around the glo power Ayurveda tea products will function as a gateway to Ayurveda wellness.

Ayurveda herbal teas

Ayurvedic herbal tea is a blend of different ingredients, each having its own properties and working  to  serve a pain-point, function, and offer relaxation, enhanced immunity, detoxication, or simply successfull aging. Generally speaking, Ayurveda doesn’t promote one spice or herb for one pain -point or function. Instead, it uses a more personalised approach depending on your body type: Vata, Pitta and Kapha, to decide which combo of herbs and/ or spices would have the most benefits- physical, emotional and mental balance for you.


Vata- Relaxation & Mental wellbeing    (energy element- air and ether/space)    

Pitta -Calmness & Balance                   (energy element-fire and water)

Kapha- Stimulation & Vitality                (energy elements - earth and water)

Example: If you are pregnant and generally feel depressed after delivery of your child, the Glo- power Ayurveda teas will get you back, to your old self quickly with simple flowers, gound herbs,spices and roots put together.

We supply wellness functional lose leaf teas, as lose leaves offer the highest grade - whole leaf green or black teas without dust or fannings. The herbal teas are blended with 100% natural ingredients, herbs, roots,plants, flowers, and ayurveda spices, for a rich and smoother tea experience. Some of our herbal teas may  include lose leaf  'true teas' as in organic green tea, lemongrass or herbal slimming tea. 

In some countries, herbal tea cannot be called “tea” since it does not come from the tea plant, Camellia sinensis. But because herbal drinks are closest to tea in colour and most benefits, the popular treand is to call them "herbal teas". People who do not wish to consume caffeine, and yet are now drawn to herbal teas due to their numerous benefits as opposed to chemical and synthetic pills. There has been a global increase in the consumption of herbal teas and products in the last decade and much more since Covid -19  pandemic since 2020.

Why do we care?🤷‍♀️

It has become our mission to get a million people to become aware of the benefits of wellness functional herbal teas, from Ayurveda. Our endeavour is to find more and more Ayurveda ancient herbal solutions to modern problems. Because we have observed its benefits within ourselves, friends, our local community and others around us, who have tried to overcome health and wellness issues with Ayurveda teas. Crushed or ground herbs and spices are commonly added to tea in India to enhance taste and functionality, Therefore, lose tea leaves with Ayurvedic herbs is conducive to value-addition. We believe sharing is caring.

What we do?✅

At glo power teas, we are preparing functional tea - mixes or blend of various Ayurvedic herbs and roots, ones that people are successfully reaping the benefits of. You too can heal yourself and experience wellness through our functional herbal teas as well.

At glo power teas, each tea is prepared keeping in mind the function, the pain point  ( purpose/function) it can solve. Scientific results published by high level authorities, such as the Ayurveda world conference and Tea world conferences' and reviews on speciality, functional herbal tea products are used for guidance at times. We are ensuring a high quality of roots and herbs that can pass the test of non-existence of any toxic or dangerous metals like mercury, lead, chromium and arsenal; through our herbal tea products, Glo Tea Formulae and  GPS -Pure Himalayan Shilajit (Glo Power Shilajit).

How we do it?👋

We focus on functional and specialty teas, organic teas and adaptogens for quality, wellness and better intake solutions. We crush roots and  grind herbs like the Indian Ginseng, Nutmeg, Bengal Velvet Beans, Himalayan Shilajit, Curcuma, Gotu kola and others for formulation of the herbal teas and provide ancient solutions to modern problems. All ingredients are full of nutrients, minerals and enzymes, like iron, magnesium, manganese, calcium, potassium and so on. Having said that, we ensure, if you are getting saffron or another floral spice, or organic hibiscus and chamomile; (Glo Tea Formulae 1,2 ,3,4,5 & 6)  you get their full threads or petals to the extent possible in loose leaf form. This ensures that you get a pure and flavor-some herbal tea, drink or beverage.

Functional and specialty Ayurveda teas ( herbs) when crushed, are mostly prone to oxidation and sunlight. You need to store them in a cool dark place (preferably in 15-20 degrees’ temperature) for longer shelf life. We mostly package our specialty Ayurveda teas in sachets, which you can recycle. Each sachet will give you cups of effective herbal tea that you can steep and re-steep) without overpowering taste, notes or aroma.

At glo power teas, we know our product is pure and we can customize as per your pain-points, besides overall immunity boosting, providing vitamins and minerals, and beyond.

We source our green teas and floral teas from Assam and Darjeeling(India), China and japan that are world renowned for their tea quality. We also customize and personalize our organic teas and Himalayan Shilajit as per specific needs of customers (examples: A person X, may want a combination of ashwagandha instead of triphla with Himalayan Shilajit or another person Y, may require removal of Himalayan Shilajit from Glo Tea Formula 1 –Healthy ageing tea, as Y needs limited quantity of iron in his/her body.


You may email us (glopower.cs@gmail.com), set an appointment on our facebook page (Glo power shilajit) to enquire and discuss ( one on one) about customizing Ayurveda teas and herbs for your specific requirements or if you have any other queries. So YES we customise your teas to function as you would desire. 

Alternatively, you can call us to enquire about customising your ayurveda herbal tea and GPS - Pure Himalayan Shilajit requirements. Your first call of 15 minutes on the phone consultation will be free of charge on " how to" ; "how do you";"how to get rid off"; or " how can you" achieve  results that you desire or anything business related for that matter.

Our Focus🧘🏾

At glo power teas, our focus is always on functional ingredients which have some authentic studies to back up our claims. Some harmless flowers or herbs ( are under current studies) and may be used for flavour and taste but less so. Most importantly our functional herbal teas are without any sugar, sodium and very little caffeine or non-caffeine.

Although we do supply 'True Teas' like Assam black or Himalayan and Dajeeling Earl grey ( first flush), sourced directly from tea estates in India,our focus remains on functional herbal teas that can serve a purpose besides taste and aromas. Some common examples of  Herbs you can add to your tea: turmeric, cinnamon, cardamom, clove, ginger, fennel, holy basil,and giloy. We prepare the herbal teas for wellness in consultation with Ayurveda experts and backed by well known case studies. All our 'True Teas' like: black tea, earl grey,green tea and oolong are orthodox style hand rolled.

At glo power teas, we also stock 100% Organic Matcha Green Tea powder of different grades: premium latte and ceremonial grade sourced directly from Uji region, Japan. However, we pack and sell it under our label Glo Power. We source organic green tea, specifically for 'Arthritis Glo Tea' blend from Ceylon, which is  also world renowned for their quality green tea.


Functional Herbal Tea Blends from Ayurveda Ingredients for your Pain Points😥

We blend herbs, herbal spices and medicinal ayurveda ingredients which have none to hardly any side effects. We have a range of functional herbs and spice teas, that MAY help you:

  • herbal teas for healthy aging 🎅🏽
  • herbal teas for ailments 🥴
  • herbal teas for better sleep😴
  • herbal teas for anxiety and stress😰
  • herbal teas for weightloss♟
  • herbal teas for anti-aging👧🏼
  • herbal teas for  general fitness💪
  • herbal teas for immunity, respiratory and sore throats🤧😷
  • herbal teas for tackling inflammation😩
  • herbal teas for balancing thyroidism⚖️
  • herbal teas for anti-hangover🍺


# 2. My Challenges After Cancer Treatment😰🩺

My exposure to Ayurveda was minimalistic way right through my adolescent and adult years at home. I thoroughly believed in the conventional medical treatments due to their quick results. Having said that, my learning of Ayurveda lifestyle, health and wellness unlimited possibilities ( hands down) has been since 2013 after a Bone marrow transplant due to Multiple Myeloma (bone marrow cancer). After cancer treatment, you may be in remission but life can still be a challenge.

In 2012, I was diagnosed with bone marrow cancer, I went through chemo for nearly 6 months followed by a blood stem cell treatment and a transplant in 2013. The side-effects of chemo and the initial, high-level of creatinine attack, frozen shoulders, broken humorous and other pathological fractures in my shoulders and knees took their toll on me. My Haemotologist, and Radiation specialists all told me to live with the side effects and be thankful, for I could independently handle myself within the house and do a little bit of walking.

It was the functional Ayurveda  crushed roots, ground herbs and potions along with Himalayan Shilajit that helped me up and within 6 months -9 months I was leading a somewhat normal life. Today, I am involved with my son in his clothing business and my son is  involed in the Ayurveda teas (Glo Power Teas project). I can also exercise for approximately 30 minutes a day now. Therefore, like Sadhguru I am a firm believer, that, Alopathy and natural sciences like Ayurveda, Sattva or Naturopathy should be practiced depending on your needs. It cannot be one or the other. For huge and complicated surgeries, Alopathy is the only way to go.

Therefore, at glo power teas, Ayurveda tea blends from roots and herbs, organic green teas, Oolongs, matcha and floral teas are not a cure; but they MAY facilitate your day-to-day  everyday ills and sometimes help you beyond, more than chemically formulated medicines, mostly with side-effects. An example worth mentioning here, is CURCUMEN, ASHWAGANDHA,GINGER, and SHILAJIT have scientifically been proven to cure diseases.

# 3. Our Products Show Results and Benefits🙌🏆

Glo Power Tea Formulae 1-7,  and other herbal blends, and Himalayan Shilajit GPS are all hand crafted, artisanal style by hand. We use Ayurveda ground herbs and roots only for our herbal teas Glo Tea formula 1- 7 and a few others, specifically for solving your pain points. At the same time, we have been mindful of keeping our blends robust and well rounded for every body's natural desire for antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and healthy aging.

We have thus far received good response for Glo tea formulae 1-7, and especially for our high quality of the Himalayan Shilajit (you may read some of the testimonials, on the first page of our website). All roots are crushed and herbs are ground in a mortar and pestle or a hand floor-mill under our personal supervision. Each pouch or package is made fresh, specially for you, as per your order. 

You too can heal yourself and feel better with our specialty teas that are full of anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing ingredients. At the risk of repetition, each tea formula is prepared and customized for you and you only; packing fresh ingredients and keeping in mind the oxidation levels.

A Nepal Case Study***

“The herbs in the tea are said to be good for the body and in strengthening immunity. And from the early days of the pandemic, it had become known that having a strong immune system aids in fighting Covid-19 infection,” said Sherpa,from Lalitpur, Nepal.  In countries like India, China and Nepal, where drinking tea and the practice of using herbs to treat common ailments are deeply rooted in our culture; the strong emphasis on maintaining our health and strengthening immunity due to the pandemic seems to have laid the foundation for functional teas' popularity globally.

It has been almost a year since Shital Shrestha and her family have been drinking herbal tea every evening. “Everyone in my office has been drinking herbal tea since the pandemic gripped us,” said Shrestha, a public health officer at the District Public Health Office, in Lalitpur. Now in partnership with Sherpa and two others from different parts of the country, they are in the herbal tea business since May 2020.

# 4. Our Credibility and Social Profile🎳

We are actively engaged on social media like Facebook (FB),Instagram (IG) and Pinterest. We have regular followers on FB and IG, where we post and discuss health and wellness issues, herbal teas, matcha green tea and interact through videos on our products' information ( methods of blending and making our Ayurveda herbal teas, using Himalayan Shilajit  and history,origin etc.) and "how to customise your teas".

# 5. Our Offer🕊

At glo power teas we offer you good quality functional Ayurveda herbal teas, that work for the purpose, and need that you would buy the herbal teas for. Ayurveda roots and herbs purification is a labor oriented and consuming manual task. We prefer to use good quality organic or simple non-GMO herbs and roots.

# 6. Value for Money and Your Goals🥅

We ensure you, that you will get good benefits or value from the dollars that you will spend at our store in terms of your wellness goals antiaging/healthy aging/helping ailments/ immunity boosting/natural ways/ plant power/mineral replenishment/workouts pre or post. Some of our customer reviews and testimonials will confirm our claims.

# 7. Our Price and Promotion💰🧑🏻‍🎓

Our Prices range from US $14.99 - $69.99 per 100gms. depending on the tea, quantity and customisation. We have planned sales during festivities, Easter, Diwali, Black Friday, Christmas and Valentine day. We also run a promotions, whenever we introduce a new product. Our mission is to give a helping hand to Indian tea estate childeren for their education by 2022.

# 8. Limited Quantities🈷

We have limited quantities of ingredient in organic and non-organic roots and herbs due to low production of some useful substances, in the Indian Ayurveda agricultual eco-systems. Also some roots like Nutmeg, Wild asparagus ( Musli) and Shatavari cannot be stored for long and need to be from fresh stock. All roots,herbs and spices are not fully organgic due to the limitations in the Indian agricutural eco-systems ( for more detail on limitations ,refer to blog post). 

We also stock Matcha Tea ware, to facilitate your matcha tea making process. The matcha tea ware are hand-made by artisans in Japan ranging from Chasen Bamboo Whisk, Chasen Speciality whisk, Chashaku or matcha portioning scoop and Cloud style Glass Chawans. As they are hand-made, imported and attract heavy custom duties, we are unable to offer any discounts.

We accept pre-orders and practice first- cum-first- serve policy.

# 9. Our Guarantee🤔 

We give you 100% guarantee for replacing any damaged products. We will also issue you a credit note or refund if you wish to return the product, and in case you change your mind. You will have to bear the postal cost of returning or exchaning any product due to 'change of mind'. You must inform us within 14 days of receiving your order and we must receive back the product in 30 days from the time you received it. Due to Covid-19 pandemic the 30 days period is nor sacrosanct.

# 10. Finally🎬

Glo power teas in the shape of herbal teas from Ayurveda are available in multiple rich flavours and are too tempting to resist. Have a look at some popular options that you can go for. Do read the Testimonials and reviews that some of our customers have sent on our website and at Etsy.com also.

A healthier life starts with Glo-Power Teas Right NOW !

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