Our Story / About Us

Glo Power Tea is the beginning of a journey we have undertaken to introduce the power of obscure natural Superfoods. We are a mother - son team who help each other in our individual projects. We present to you, Glo Tea Formula 1 to 7 - Natural Superfood Vegan teas.

I am Kiran, an Academic and a cancer survivor. I have over 37 years of work experience in different Universities and Polytechnics in different countries and in different education systems. I’m a Doctor due the fact I have a Ph. D in Finance and very often, outside academia people start talking about their ailments with me, and I have to remind them and say “I am not a thermometer doctor”.

Having said the above, my self discovery started in 2012 when I was faced with death due to Cancer - Multiple Myeloma (Bone Marrow cancer). I lost my husband within 10 days of my diagnosis and was told by a Haematologist that I had no more than 5-6 months  more to live. Encouraged by my family and friends, I opted for a full treatment which lasted 3 full years. I was in no state to go for full time job due to fatigue and lack of immunity, energy and chronic pain. I prodded along and worked with my son in his clothing business, doing flexi hours. I started spiritual healing and leaning towards natural cures, over the counter, for my perpetual health issues and most medicos would say “it is normal after a transplant”. My libido died ,my feelings were frozen and I was generally depressed. I took anti-depressants which made me groggy all day. I would work for an hour and rest for two.

In early 2016, I accompanied my mother to an Ayurveda practitioner. She is a staunch believer of Ayurveda. I thought to myself, “what do I have I to lose?". I went ahead and shared my medical condition with the doctor. He suggested Shilajit and a few other potent spices and minerals like Saffron, Ashwagandha and Nutmeg. In a few months I started feeling like “the world is my Oyster” again. This feeling and energy level was similar to when I was 30 years old. Since then I have not looked back and rarely take tests. I’m full of energy, and a happy person in general. My skin has improved and I use less and less anti-aging creams recently.

I’m very excited to welcome you to our natural superfood teas and Glo Power Shilajit-Pure Himalayan Shilajit.

Kiran Sahrawat -