Arthritis Glo Tea- Pain Relief

Arthritis Glo Tea- Pain Relief

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This tea is for everybody! It is healthy herbal drink full of antioxidants.

Minimum Caffeine -Of the 10 ingredients only Green Tea contains caffeine.

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Arthritis Glo Tea- Pain Relief may not be 100% curable, but Ayurveda ingredients can reduce your day-to-day pain significantly. All those sports injuries, bone pains, and last week's fall ! 

Do I need Arthritis Glo tea- Pain Relief?

Teas fight free radicals, which are compounds that can damage your cells. Ayurveda Teas can be used as a natural way to reduce the effects of arthritis. Arthritis Glo Tea- Pain relief, contains several natural herbal therapeutic and mineral compounds that relieve pain for arthritis patients. But remember this tea is Not a cure.

Arthritis Glo Tea- Pain Relief is an Ayurveda recipe, has been particularly helpful in the shoulder, wrist, hands, and feet  pains and arthritis temporarily. Our Ceylon green tea blended with herbs that can provide vitamins, minerals, and enzymes that our bodies need for joint pains due to sports, workouts, fractures, and arthritis.

 Arthritis Glo tea- Pain Relief is an Ayurveda herbal recipe that MAY especially help you in detoxification of arthritis. But tea alone doesn’t cut it as people with arthritis need replenishment of important minerals. That is the reason for adding ground herbs, spices, and juniper berries that are mineral-rich and particularly relevant to acute pain relief.

We have designed and blended Ceylon green tea and Nettle tea with herbs, spices, and green cardamom to give the best possible benefits. Our Arthritis Glo tea - pain relief contains ground herbs and spices that add value to green tea and nettle leaves manifold by decreasing inflammation and increasing the polyphenols,flavonoids, and anti-oxidants.


South India



Arthritis Glo Tea - pain Relief is a blend of natural and Ayurveda superfoods including Ceylon green tea, Nettle, Cinnamon, Turmeric, Black Pepper, Green Cardamom, and others full of minerals and enzymes.


Strong and somewhat spicy


The ground herbs, roots and spices are loaded with antioxidants like Vitamin C & K, magnesium, manganese, iron, and calcium. Our tea is flavorsome and has sweet notes to it with no bitterness. Family and friends who have used Arthritis Glo tea received relief in joint pains and arthritis by taking 2-3 cups per day.

According to the Arthritis Foundation, polyphenols have strong anti-inflammatory properties. Ceylon green tea is a particularly good source of epigallocatechin 3-gallate (EGCG). This is a type of polyphenol with particularly potent antioxidant' ' effects.

Many studies are showing: Turmeric (Haldi) to have a positive impact after using for a few weeks on osteoarthritis as well.  Accompanied berries, nettle, and Ceylon green tea may turn around that extreme pain and discomfort in your joints.

Ingredients in Arthritis Glo tea- Pain Relief:  A blend of natural superfoods with Ceylon green tea. Nettle, Turmeric (Boswellia Serrata) Cinnamon, Black Pepper, Green cardamom, Cloves Ginger, Mint, Juniper berries, Fennel, and Chamomile.

Brewing/ Process of making Arthritis Glo Tea -Pain Relief.

You will need

  • 1 clean glass or cup
  • A teaspoon 
  • 1  full teaspoon of loose leaf tea
  • Hot water at 90 degrees celsius


  1. Add 1 full teaspoon of loose leaves into a clean cup or glass with the powder/spices sitting at the bottom of the pouch or tin.
  2. Pour 150ml hot water at 90 degrees celsius into the cup containing the tea leave
  3. Brew for 6-7 minutes, strain, and serve. (or 3-4 minutes if you like to have light tea) 
  4. Add honey to your taste and your tea is ready to DRINK.
  5. You can also use a tea steeper and in that case, you don't need to use a strainer or get up again. You simply lift the steeper out and put it, on its stand, sit back, sip and relax.
  6. Keep the contents in the steeper or strainer for another 1-2 uses. The second cup of tea should be brewed for longer than the first. The third cup of tea with the same leaves will be milder in both aspects.

Note: Each pack of 100gm of valuable Arthritis Glo tea- Joint Pains will give you nearly 120 cups of tea. The benefits of buying this low priced Ayurveda tea outweighs the price.

A word of Caution

Any tea taken more than 3 cups is likely to be harmful to you. Drinking more than 4 cups of  Arthritis Glo Tea per day can cause side effects due to the caffeine present and can range anywhere from headaches, vomiting, diarrhea to heartburn. Too much tea can also lead to high blood pressure due to caffeine in green tea.

*We can customize your Arthritis Glo tea recipe, as per your requirement by adding or removing certain ingredients that suit you or don't agree with you. We are committed to helping you in your wellness journey towards anti-inflammation. 

Storage: How to store your Arthritis Glo Tea- Pain Relief?

The more oxidized the tea is, the longer its shelf time or storage time. Due to some spices present in this tea, the shelf life is 12 months for the best results.

  • Store your Arthritis tea in a cold and dark place away from items like spices and coffee that could leach their flavors in the tea.
  • It is also a good idea to store your tea in an opaque and airtight jar.

Disclaimer *As with all Ayurvedic products we recommend you consult your health care specialist and pregnant women should strictly avoid this product.

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