Assorted Unique Green Teas

Assorted Unique Green Teas

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Net Weight 75 gms

These green teas contain Caffeine.

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Types of Green Teas in this Gift Box:

1.Gyokoru Japan

2.Sencha Japan

3. Long Jing China

4. Assamica Green India

5. Darjeeling Green India

Q. Why are we selling assorted 15 gms packs of 5 types of Unique Green Teas?

A. So that you get a chance to taste 5 varities and be able to blend the 2 or 3 of your choice. Also you are sure of which one you love most before ordering larger quantities.

We have this  pack of 5 different green teas, so that you, your family and friends get to try out these unique green teas.

Tea Steeping and Brewing styles and parameters for all teas vary in the western and eastern countries like the tea growing countries - Japan, China, India and Ceylon. Having said that, we are stating brewing variables as per the country of origin.

It doesn’t  matter what your tea-ware is (a Gawain, tumbler or cup) you can enjoy Green tea if prepared well in terms of temperature of water, quantity of tea leaves and the length of time of steeping the leaves. Warming your tea-ware is an important factor, as well. In that you will find your own balance of taste, aroma, notes and value from your tea through some experimenting.

There are too many benefits of green tea to list here, therefore, please read Blog on " Benefits of Green Tea ".

1. Gyokoru Green Tea




The L-theanine content in Gyokoru tea is rich umami and this amino acid help in making you happier or put you in a better mood.


The tea trees' shading:

1. Increases the L-theanine and chlorophyl levels

2. Helps amino acids to get stronger

3. Produces a sweeter and stronger flavour

4. Enhances the unique color of the leaves

5. Improves taste and flavor

    Gyokoru green tea can be a blend of the gyokoru green teas ( region,elevation on which the tea is grown, soil) with the best fruity, sweet or savory flavors. Ideally Gyokoru tea leaves must be steeped for 2 minutes so that their leaves open up completely as opposed to Sencha, one minute is enough to open up the leaves first time.

    The First flush is one of the most revered among special green teas grown in Japan.Some Gyokuro green teas are grown in sugarcane soil and therefore, make the tea leaves sweet, high in nutrition, and value. Gyokuro tea is grown under shade for 21days and after steaming  and drying its very tightly rolled into needles. 

    Brewing Gyokoru tea / preparation process used is:

    • 2-3 gms of tea leaves 
    • 100 ml water
    • Water temperature at 50 degrees celsius
    • Steep the tea for up to 2 minutes the first time

    You can draw out almost 5 steeps (Gong fu style brewing) of gyokoru by increasing  temperature each time and reducing steeping time. Each subsequent steep brings out vegetal tastes like spinach and tomatoes with nutty notes towards the end.

    2. Sencha Green Tea, Japan

    Sencha green tea is a deep green or Jade colour tea with an amazing fragrance especially when you steep it for brewing.


    Kagoshima, Japan


    Floral, grassy and smooth mouth feel, flavour notes of corn silk, and umami qualities.

    Sencha Yabukita (70% of Sencha in Japan is Yabukita style) and can have notes of juicy green apple and guava or completely grassy (different Senchas from Japan will have different fragrance and notes depending on the  region and soil). The flavor can be grassy, floral, umami, or all at once if sencha from different regions' are blended. Cultivated and grown in shading process called Kabuscicha to retain higher levels of chlorophyll, caffeine and L-theanine.

    In the final days before harvest the tea leaves are exposed to sunlight to increase the level of catechins. Good quality of sencha will drop and roll down in the form of needles of somewhat similar size after completing the processing. If the size is broken into smaller/boken pieces,it doesnt in any way mean a lower quality.

    Note: The below mentioned brewing processes are Western style. For Gong fu style Brewing see “Brewing Guides” under menu item – Community.


    • 4-5 gm leaves for two cups
    • 200 ml water
    • 70-90 degrees’ Celsius water temperature
    • Brew for 30 seconds to 1 minute ( You may Brew for up to 2 minutes till you find which variables suit your taste).

    Note: You can use the Sencha leaves 3-4 times ( Gong fu Style Brewing) and get different color, taste notes, strengths and flavors. The first brew is likely to be the sweetest or more savory. If you go beyond the third brew, you should increase the temperature. It is said that the first three steeps give the most value of L-theanine, catechins and caffeine. The fourth or fifth steep will tend to be more dry, astringent and energetic or even bitter.

    Steeping at a lower temperature will not release antioxidants, catechins, and caffeine, but will release L-theanine. At the same time, you would want to enjoy quicker, the cooler brew before some valuable amino acids evaporate into the air.

     Another better known Sencha, are the Sencha Yame Saemidori  from Saemidori cultivar that is broken into smaller needles as compared to the Yabukita. Saemidori is essentially the first cut baby greens of light color harvested first time in April each year.

    3. Long Ching or Dragon Well Green Tea 

    Without a doubt Spring first flush is the best, but we suggest to stay away from the early spring pickings as they are very expensive. A little down the Spring Long Ching tends to be less expensive and equally good in quality and taste. Having said that, stay away from any pickings of summer. The summer pickings tend to be bitter and really they all go into tea bags. The price of Long Ching depends on the region and the picking time of the year. Long Ching can quench your thirst with  remarkable flavour chest-nutty, sweetness and ending with lemon zesty-ness.


    West Lake region, China


    Sweetish, nutty and lemon-zest like

     The Xieu Long Ching is the most expensive (may be like $200 per 100 gms). The tea from third and fourth flush is pretty good to have. In the end your taste is paramount. Long Ching /Dragon Well green tea is the world’s  best known green tea from China.

    This tea is made in large quantities of different qualities and grown in varied regions and elevations in China. Long Ching green tea is Pan fried by machine and fired by hand second time or just fired by hand both times. Long Jing tea is generally nutty, sweet, zesty and delicious to sip, all at the same time. 

     Brewing /Preparation

     The more yellow the long Jing tea leaves more  nuttier or roasted  beans flavor whereas, the greener the tea leaves, the fresher the taste.

    • Quantity of tea leaves – 3-4gms
    • Quantity of water 100ml
    • Water temperature 90-100 degrees celsius
    • Steeping time 70-75 seconds (or extend it to even 120 seconds if you are steeping the leaves in a larger quantity of water).

    You can brew and steep up to 6 or 7 infusions of a good long Ching tea ( Gong fu style Brewing). It will keep giving you lingering sweetness for a long time. After that you can toss the leaves into a salad or mix with rice, season with lemon and soya sauce, and enjoy a treat.

    4. Assam Green Tea 

    Assam green tea comes from Camellia Sanseis Var, Assamica plant in India. In fact, all 6 types of teas come from the same plant Camellia Sanseis Var Sanseis (whether it is China, Japan or India) they just vary slightly in name.



    Sweet, grassy and vegetal;even slightly astringent.


    The L-theanine and caffeine in green tea helps boost energy while keeping a person in a quiet alert state of mind. For this reason, we can say that, green tea is a nuetropic, and a productivity enhancer.

    L-theanine has been found to reduce anxiety and high blood pressure. EGCg is most abundant in green tea and it is best to have it 30 minutes before meals, as it is best absorbed in the small intestine.

    Green tea has recently been proven to increase Dopamine and serotonins in rats. Notonly that in 2017 improvement in cognitive wiring in the brains of aging rats has also been proven.


    • One heaped teaspoon lose leaves
    • Water temperature 85-90 degrees celsius
    • Steeping time 50-70 seconds (if fresh leaves)
    • If processed leaves steep for 1-2 minutes to get the most value of L-theanine, catechins and caffeine.

    The fresh leaves of Assamica green tea will give you a luminous green color and yellowish-golden if you are using processed green tea leaves.

    5.Darjeeling Organic Green Tea 

    Darjeeling green tea is of many varieties, and visually beautiful to look at. The Darjeeling tea growing region has nearly ninety tea estates within seventy square miles. In addition to its small size, production is low due to its colder climate. Plant growth is slow, and harvesting is difficult, with tea plants growing on slopes of sixty or seventy degrees. Less than one percent of all India’s tea is produced in Darjeeling, so there is never enough tea to meet the demand.


    The first flush is the best in value and catechins that release the maximum amount of antioxidants.This tea is hand-picked, hand-rolled,sundried and finally, lightly steamed to stop oxidation.


    Darjeeling, India


    Distinctly delicate and sweet-smelling fragrance and flavor, and not overwhelming.

    They are from the plant Camellia Sanseis var Sanseis  and less astringent than Assamica.This Himalayan tea develops the aromatic characteristic of muscatel grapes due to its terrier and small leaf variety.

    Brewing/ Preparation

    • One heaped teaspoon loose leaves
    • 150ml water
    • Water temperature 85-90 degrees celsius
    • Steeping time 1minute

    The tea is light golden in color when brewed and is reusable. Too high water temperatures, tend to bring out a bitter taste from the catechins. Darjeeling green tea when properly steeped and brewed gives a thin bodied infusion and floral aroma

     Most Benefits of Green Tea are Listed in the Blog on "Benefits of Green Teas".

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