Kashmir Saffron Tea

Kashmir Saffron Tea

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Kashmir Saffron tea is an all-natural mood booster. When you consume saffron, it changes the levels of neuro-transmitters such as dopamine, and nore-pinephrine.

Kashmir Saffron tea with a hint of cinnamon, cardamom, lemon, rose, or ginger, along with white tea is a refreshing and mood boosting beverage. Hot or cold, this amazingly delicious tea is sure to soothe you.

Research studies have found some Benefits of drinking Kashmir Saffron tea.

Depression Relief 

Clinical studies have found that saffron tea may treat depression symptoms as effectively as antidepressents. It's believed to increase the brain’s serotonin levels. Researchers are studying this effect to determine its potential as a substitute for medication used to treat depressive disorders.

Heart Health

Saffron tea may help reduce the risk of heart disease by strengthening the circulatory system. Its antioxidants have been shown to lower both cholesterol and blood pressure, which may reduce your risk of developing heart problems. It’s also a source of minerals important to heart health like magnesium and potassium.

Anti-cancer Properties

Crocin and crocetin are antioxidants called carotenoidsa, plant pigments that give saffron its rich red color. Studies have shown that they may have anticancer and anti-tumor effects in the body, but more research is needed to study this effect in humans.

A. How to make Saffron- Milk-Tea

1. Take 1 ½ cups raw milk ·

2. 1 cup water ·

3.  15 to 25 saffron threads (this is a medicinal amount for depression). 

4. To have it as a healing and sleep inducing milk ,you need about 8-10 threads of Saffron.

B . Saffron Tea

1. Place 5-6 strands of Saffron in a cup. ·

2. Add some warm water to soak the saffron threads. ·

3.Soak for 10 minutes. ·

4. Add boiling water. 

Note: A few Saffron strands can be added to True teas also for flavour and aroma.You can get packs upto 50 gms of Kashmir Saffron Tea from us. We are just a click away. Higher quantities will work out less expensive.

Risks of taking Saffron

You need to talk to your doctor if you plan to take saffron in the form of tea or any other form regularly.


People with an  allergy, to olives may also have a saffron allergy. 

Pregnancy Concerns

Some research has shown that saffron can stimulate uterine contractions and should be avoided by pregnant women.   

Heart Conditions

Saffron consumption may affect your heartbeat. While research is inconclusive, it may worsen symptoms in people with heart conditions.

Low Blood Pressure

Because saffron can lower your blood pressure, it’s better to avoid saffron tea if you already have low blood pressure.  

Medication Interference

You should not take saffron tea if you are taking medication for high blood pressure,as it might cause your blood pressure to drop too low. Saffron may also trigger a manic state in people who take medication for bipolar disorder.

Disclaimer *As with all Ayurvedic products we recommend you consult your health care specialist and pregnant women should strictly avoid this product.


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