Dragon well or Long Ching Green Tea

Dragon well or Long Ching Green Tea

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Dragon Well / Long Ching Green Tea Glo Power Teas @copyright


Net weight 50gm

This tea contains Caffeine.

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Drink this emperors' tea - a cup of Long Ching tea/Dragon Well tea of centuries gone by. Tea drinkers can enjoy this tea bursting with flavour and  grassy notes, nutty undertones, and stunning green hues of Dragon Well tea. Connoisseurs will also appreciate the layered flavor profile of this Chinese green tea and the rich history of the growing region that makes these authentic and rare teas. 

Long Ching green tea or Dragon green tea is traditionally harvested by hand, with special attention paid to collecting uniform leaves for the highest grade teas. High-quality Long Ching tea is called superior grade and features uniformity in terms of the size and shape of the leaves and also demonstrates a tenderness not found in lower quality blends. The highest quality Long Ching teas mainly come from the West Lake area (Xihu) of Zhejiang.

After harvest, the tea leaves are placed in a large wok and pan-fired like many other Chinese teas. This heating process prevents the leaves from oxidizing, thus allowing them to maintain the rich green hue and the integrity of nutrients. This type of green tea contains high amounts of catechins, vitamin C, and amino acids. 

Long Ching tea is generally chesnutty, sweet, zesty and delicious to sip, all at the same time. But remember there are lots of personal aspects to taste and aroma of the tea drinker. How you drink (with a slurp of air or swirl in your mouth, sip or gulp or any other way), and images that come to your mind and your personal experience. This may be quite different to your companion drinking exactly the same brew.

Try to buy it from a good supplier and don’t always go by labels and first flush as you will end up paying top dollar. The Xieu Long Ching is the most expensive (may be like $220 per 100 gms) among some green tea varities in China. The tea from third and fourth flush is pretty good to have. In the end your taste is paramount.

Long Ching /Dragon Well green tea is one of the world’s better known green teas from China. This tea is made in large quantities different qualities and grown in varied regions and elevations in China. Long Ching green tea is Pan-fried by machine and fired by hand second time or just fired by hand both times.

Authentic Long Ching tea must be grown in Zhejiang province. If it is grown anywhere else then it is considered a fake (much like champagne).  

Note: You may find white yellow fur on the tea and little balls of fur in the tea. This is NOT mold but is tea fur showing that the tea is a very early spring tea - it demonstrates the quality of this Long Ching.


Zhejiang Province, China


Sweet, mellow and rounded. 

Some maybe grassy, vegetal and carry hints of buttered Chestnuts

Taste and flavour varies with cultivar, flush, and region


3 rd Flush 2021


  • Helps lower blood pressure
  • Keeps cholestrol under control
  • Lowers risk of heart disease, and stroke
  • May prevent atherosceclorosis

Brewing  your Dragon well/Long Ching Tea: Gongfu Style

It is highly recommended that you do not use boiling water and western style of brewing this tea.

  1. Rinse a gaiwan or teacup with hot water. Swirl the hot water to warm the cup.
  2. Take 2 teaspoon full of Long Ching loose tea and place it in a tea strainer.
  3. Set the strainer in the gaiwan or tea cup.
  4. Fill the teacup with water around 80-85 degrees celsius.
  5. Let the tea leaves steep for 40 seconds.
  6. Remove the tea leaves and enjoy your cup of tea!

Long Ching or Dragon well tea leaves can be infused 4-5 times without losing their flavor. Make sure you increase the steeping time with each infusion by about 30 seconds. After that you can turn the leaves into a salad or mix with rice, season with lemon and soya sauce and enjoy a treat.

Note: For Gong fu style Brewing see “Brewing Guides” under menu item – Community.


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