Glo Tea Formula 1 - Helping Healthy Aging

Glo Tea Formula 1 - Helping Healthy Aging

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Minimal Caffeine : of the 15 ingredients only Green tea contains Caffeine.

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Each Pouch of Glo Tea Formula 1 - Helping healthy aging tea, will give you nearly 90-110 steeped, strained, and re-steeped cups or 45 cups if you drink up the residue, which is more valuable and full of minerals. The loose-leaf tea has been put in sachets to preserve the freshness of the roots and herbs.

Glo Tea Formula 1-Helping healthy aging tea, an Ayurveda recipe is made for everyone( all 3 body types - Doshas), and especially for those of you, who believe in keeping fit.

Staying healthy and flexible as you get mature and your body demands more attention and pampering. The primary ingredients of Glo Tea Formula 1- Helping healthy aging tea, are  Himalayan shilajit and  Kashmir saffron originating from the Himalayas. Shilajit has been used for generations, and recent scientific research has shown its potential health benefits, especially in healthy aging, as in keeping fit/being younger longer.

Besides  Himalayan Shilajit &  Kashmir Saffron there are 15 other Ayurveda spices and herbs and green tea that will help you in healthy aging and keeping energetic. The ground herbs we use are said to act as anti-depressants, mood enhancers, push out damaged cells with antioxidants leading to stamina and vitality. At the same time GTF 1-Helping healthy aging tea, works on your body by nourishing you inside out.

This blend of roots, spices, herbs and minerals  work from inside out, and help you get a 'radiant and get smoother skin'; unlike from skin surface only, with chemically formulated creams.The polyphenols, flavonoids, catechins, theanine in our Ayurveda tea may help your skin glow. 

Glo Tea Formula 1 - Helping healthy aging tea, an Ayurveda herbal tea recipe, has also been found by some to aid in weight loss. The tea is refreshing, subtly sweet, and spicy at the same time.




Sweet and spicy at the same time, full bodied.

Benefits may include the following:

✔️Provides antioxidants, polyphenols, and flavonoids for healthy aging.

✔️Has been found to Detox and cleanse fat.

✔️Helped people increase their energy and vitality

✔️Boosts your immune system 

✔️Says goodbye to cramps ( see customer reviews)

✔️Is a mood changer- glowing effect ( see customer reviews).

✔️Full of benefits derived from green tea - polyphenols, flavonoids, catechins, and theanine.

✔️GTF 1- Helping healthy Aging, Ayurveda herbal tea may improve your skin. 

    All the above benefits lead to a healthy aging journey with Ayurveda natural ingredients. For more details read our blog: Glo Tea Formula 1 - Helping healthy Aging

    Ingredients: Himalayn Shilajit, Kashmir Saffron, Ashwagandha (Indian Ginseng), Musli, Cinnamon Ceylone, Bengal Velvet Bean, Herbal Ignite, Kudzu, Chamomile, Nutmeg, Yam,Cloves, Green Cardimim, Liqourice, and Green Tea.

    Brewing/ Preparation of Helping healthy Aging Tea

    You will need

    • 1 glass or cup
    • A  teaspoon ( ideally a wooden spoon)
    • The sachet of loose tea
    • Hot water or milk at 90-95 degrees 
    • Honey (optional- please add honey just before serving).

    Method / process 

    1. Put 1 teaspoon from a sachet into a clean glass (ensure you take out every particle as it is precious)
    2. Pour hot water or  hot milk into the glass containing the tea (150ml)
    3. Let it rest for about 15-20 minutes, and stir it occasionally.
    4. If you feel that you don't wish to have the residual taste at the end (after you have tried it once or twice)you may strain the tea. Having said that the taste of the rough powdered roots is quite pleasant and highly potent. But then again, if you like to have a clear tea, you should strain it, but not before 15 minutes.
    5. Please note, the roughness in powdering the roots has been done for your benefit intentionally as most of the ingredients of Glo Tea Formula 1, Ayurveda herbal tea ingredients are prone to oxidation, in each grind. Less is more for this particular recipe.

    1st Method: After some days of using GTF 1- Helping healthy Aging tea, an Ayurveda herbal tea recipe, if you feel hot or an eruption of a pimple or two, please don't be concerned. Start taking the tea differently. This happens more in summers and adjustment for different body types; or if you find it too strong, please strain after steeping and reuse the same in the evening. You can steep the contents of each sachet over two days by using the straining process. 

    2nd Method: You can take half the sachet contents in the morning and before drinking strain and keep the residue for steeping again. You will notice the deep yellow color of saffron glowing through the glass, the 2nd time more than the first. This is because saffron gives you an almost never-ending glow and color. This is also a process to get a higher value and more benefits from the roots, floral herbs, and spices. In this manner, it's a win-win for your pocket and your body.  

    A word of Caution!

    Please do not drink more than two cups of this tea per day. It can be harmful as it may lead to going to the toilet too often, headaches, sweating, or even vomiting.

    *We can customize your tea, GTF 1-Helping healthy aging tea recipe, as per your requirement by adding or removing certain ingredients that suit you or don't agree with you. We are committed to helping you in your wellness journey towards healthy aging. 

    Therefore, with minor adjustments, based on your body type ( Doshas- Vata, Pitta and Kapha),and physiology we can customize your tea. Remember, I'm just a click away if you have any queries.


    • Store GTF1- Healthy Aging tea in an airtight container.

    • Do not open more than one sachet at a time.

    • Store in a cool, dark and odor free area.

    Disclaimer ***As with all Ayurvedic products we recommend you consult your health care specialist and pregnant women should strictly avoid this product***     

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