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Pink Hibiscus Flower
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Hibiscus Flowers 🌺

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There is no Caffeine in this tea.

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Hibiscus flowers' tea, in  hot or cold water look like red wine. Enjoy a hibiscus tea (hot or cold), a fruit punch or powder them and use to season salads and ice-creams.

Hibiscus contains many beneficial compounds that act as antioxidants, including anthocyanins, phenolic acids, and flavonoids.

Historically, hibiscus tea has been used in African countries to decrease body temperature, treat heart disease, and sooth a sore throat. In Iran and Egypt hibiscus tea and saffron tea are commonly used, individually to treat high blood pressure.

Hibiscus preparations, including teas, powders, and extracts, have been shown to decrease blood pressure, reduce body fat, improve metabolic syndrome, protect the liver, and fight cancer cells. However, more human research is needed.

Hibiscus tea is generally safe to consume in moderation, but the long-term effects of other preparations are not well known.

How to Prepare Hibiscus tea?

  1. Using a single serve tea steeper place 1 teaspoon hibiscus flowers in the steeper.
  2. Squeeze 1-2 tablespoon fresh lemon juice into your cup 
  3. Add hot water.
  4. Let it steep for 5 minutes (or longer for strength). Enjoy!

***Disclaimer:Speak with a healthcare professional before trying hibiscus, especially if you’re pregnant, breastfeeding, or taking medications. 


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