Himalayan Oolong Tea

Himalayan Oolong Tea

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This tea contains Caffeine.

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Oolong tea originated from China, but like many other teas, India did not lag behind in the goodness of tea. Himalayan Oolong tea and many oolong teas in India are quite different from each other. In fact, the same pluck of oolong rolled, curled, and twisted can taste completely different from each other.

A wulong plucking is not possible until a new sprig has ended its new growth. The Chinese refer to this point as the ya zhu; Indian tea makers call this the bhanji stage of growth. In the case of Wulong tea, the plucking standard can include up to four or five leaves.  ( Read Blog post on Ayurveda Speciality Teas).


Himalayan Ranges, Assam


Fruity, Well rounded and Nutty


  • Heart health
  • Weight management
  • Oral health

 Ingredients: Himalayan Oolong tea

Brewing /Preparation 

The preparation of oolong tea depends on the type of tea you are buying. Different types of teas require different brewing temperatures and steeping time.

You will need

  1. Fresh hot spring water at 85 degrees
  2. 1.5-2 teaspoon of Himalayan oolong tea
  3. A clean cup or glass
  4. A spoon
  5. Honey is optional and better than sugar due to its anti-bacterial properties

Method/ Process

The steeping temperature can vary. Generally, a time range for 1.5-2 minutes at a temperature of 85 degrees celsius is ideal.

1. Use a teaspoon of loose leaf for 150ml water, adjust the ratio according to the amount of tea you’re making

2. Figure out the best steeping time, by tasting at different steep timings. If you prefer you may taste your Himalayan oolong tea in between to figure out the flavor and taste notes that work best for you.

3. You can steep Himalayan oolong tea 2-3 times or more provided you don’t over-steep your tea.

How to store Himalayan Oolong tea

The more oxidized the tea is, the longer its shelf time or storage time. Himalayan oolong tea can be stored up to 24 months 

Store your oolong tea in a cold and dark place away from items like spices and coffee that could leach their flavors on to your tea. It is also a good idea to store your tea in an opaque and airtight jar.

A word of caution

Any tea taken in excess of that 3 cups is likely to be harmful to you. Drinking more than 4 cups of oolong tea per day can cause side effects due to the caffeine present and can range anywhere from headaches, vomiting, diarrhea to heartburn. Too much tea can also lead to high blood pressure due to caffeine.

Store your tea in a cool dark place between 15-18 degrees celsius.

Disclaimer ***As with all Ayurvedic products we recommend you consult your health care specialist and pregnant women should strictly avoid this product***

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