Japan Genmaicha Green Tea

Japan Genmaicha Green Tea

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Net weight 100gm

This tea contains medium Caffeine.

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This is a Japanese Genmaicha green tea. Also known as Popcorn Tea. Japanese green tea blended with roasted and popped rice. The infusion is a light, golden yellow liquor with a unique, toasty rice flavour and a hint of natural sweetness.

The words “genmai” mean “brown rice” (and “cha” means tea), but actually white rice is used.Brown rice was experimented, but brown rice is too dark when roasted and white rice has a better flavor. It is traditionally made with mochi rice, and not common rice. Our genmaicha green tea is of a high-quality variety using mochi rice.

The green tea used is mostly Bancha or Sencha to blend with popped rice.


 Kagoshima, Japan


Toasty rice flavour, Broth like and sweetish, Fresh toasted aroma


  • Rich in antioxidants-catechins, gallic acid, and carotenoids
  • Low on caffeine
  • Improves heart health
Brewing/Preparation of Genmaicha green tea