Japan Sencha Yabukita Green Tea

Japan Sencha Yabukita Green Tea

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This tea contains Caffeine.

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Sencha green tea is a deep green or Jade color tea with an amazing smell especially when you just steep it for brewing.

Sencha Yabukita (70% of Sencha in Japan is Yabukita style) and can have notes of juicy green apple and guava or completely grassy (different Senchas from Japan will have different  smell and notes depending on the  region and soil). The flavor can be grassy, floral, umami, or all at once if sencha from different regions are blended. Yutakamidori is the second largest cultivar after Yabukita. Yutakamidori is from Makurazaki,Kagoshima, Japan.

Cultivated and grown in shading process called Kabuscicha to retain higher levels of chlorophyll, caffeine and L-theanine. In the final days before harvest the tea leaves are exposed to sunlight to increase the level of catechins. Good quality of sencha will drop and roll down in the form of needles of somewhat similar size after completing the processing. If the size is broken into smaller/boken pieces,it doesnt in any way mean a lower quality.

 Japan Sencha Yabukita Green Tea, is made from green tea leaves that are cultivated in direct sunlight, and are harvested in the first or second flush (tea leaves of the first harvest have the best quality). Yabukita is a green tea cultivar originally crossed in Abe, Shizuoka, its parents being seedlings of Shizuoka perfecture.,

What is the difference between Gyokuro and Sencha?

When comparing the taste of these teas, you'll find Sencha has plenty of grassiness & floral sweetness, whereas Gyokuro is richer and more intenseGyokuro is also steamed, but the tea plants are shaded from sunlight for a month before harvesting, resulting in more complex sweet & umami rich flavour.


Kagoshima, Japan


Floral, grassy and smooth mouth feel, flavour notes of corn silk, and umami qualities.


  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Healthy aging (anti-aging)
  • Aids weight-loss
  • Lowers bad cholestrol
  • Anti-bacterial properties
  • Antioxidants

Brewing  of Japan Sencha Yabukita Green tea - Western Style .

1. Half a level or heaped teaspoon per cup depending on the stregth of tea you like.

2. Infuse for 2 minutes (according to taste) with freshly boiled water that is around 180F or 80C (You may brew for up to 3 minutes till you find which variables suit your taste).

3. You can reinfuse/reuse it 3-4 times.

4. Japan Sencha Yabukita Green tea is NOT compatible with milk. 

Note1: You can use the Sencha leaves 2-3 times and get different colors, taste notes, strengths and flavors. The first brew is likely to be the sweetest or more savory. If you go beyond the third brew, you should increase the temperature. It is experienced that the first three steeps give the most value of L-theanine, Catechins and Caffeine. The fourth or fifth steep will tend to be more dry, astringent,stronger or even  bitter.

Note 2: For Gong fu style Brewing see “Brewing Guides” under menu item – Community.

Steeping at a lower temperature will not release antioxidants, catechins, and caffeine, but will release L-theanine. At the same time, you would want to enjoy quicker, the cooler brew before some valuable amino acids evaporate into the air.

 Other better known Sencha, are the Sencha Yame Saemidori  from Saemidori cultivar that is broken into smaller needles than the Yabutika. Saemidori is essentially the first cut baby greens of light color harvested first time in April each year.

 Flavoured  Japanese Sencha (Also available time to time)

SENCHA CHERRY ROSE – A luxury green tea blend. Traditional pan fired green tea (sencha made to Japanese specifications), rose petals and natural flavours. The tea tends light, fresh and smooth with reasonable depth and body. The cherry flavour and subtle rose hints give the tea a wonderful exotic character. The infusion is a pale yellow green tea.

SENCHA LIME – Similar to Japanese Lime or Tokyo Lime. This is a luxury green tea blend with a lively lime flavour. Traditional pan fired green tea (sencha made to Japanese specifications), natural dried lemon peel, sweet lime pieces and natural flavours. The infusion is a bright light-coloured cup.

SENCHA STRAWBERRY – A luxury green tea blend which is very refreshing and reflective. Traditional pan fired green tea (sencha made to Japanese specifications), strawberry and papaya pieces and natural flavours. Lush ripe strawberry notes fill the cup leading to an astringent finish. The infusion is a pale yellow green.

Note: For Gong fu style Brewing see “Brewing Guides” under menu item – Community.

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