Lavender Buds' Tea

Lavender Buds' Tea

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There is no Caffeine in this tea. See 100% 

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 There are 28 spcies of Lavender, all typified by sweet balasamic scent.

Lavender angustifolia is more commonly known as English lavender and is the most popular type of lavender used in cooking. It has the sweetest aroma and flavor among all the lavender species and oozes high notes of  lavender flavor.  

Lavender is one of the most popular herbs 🌿  to sleep. The herb gives you a night of sound sleep because it can reduce anxiety, pain, depression and mood swings.

Lavender is a sleep-inducing, stress relieving and an all-round relaxing drink 🥤. It may also promote a deep sleep stage, when you are less likely to be disturbed.


New Zealand


 Strong and floral, magical


1. Reduces stress and aniety

2.Lowers blood sugar level and reduces risk of diabetes

3. Relieves pain associated with migeraine headaches

4.Relieves pain related to rheumatism and arthritic conditions

5. Improve quality of sleep

6. Boosts blood circulation ( especially in extremeties)

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What makes Lavender effective in inducing sleep?

According to multiple scientific studies, lavender tea helps calm brain function by triggering chemical reactions in the nervous system.

Lavender tea boosts the production of dopamine and reduces the stress hormone known as cortisol. Compounds in lavender work to mimic the role of neurotransmitters, helping to decrease stress levels and reduce anxiety. 

For the best benefits, combine lavender tea with other sleep teas like chamomile tea. It's packed with healthy compounds that can boost your immune system and alleviate pain by reducing inflammation.

 Lavender buds' tea! Forget about your noisy, busy routine and all the stress of your day. Settle down with a cup of relaxing lavender tea. Lavender tea 🍵  is a calming beverage that will help you wind down and relax with every sip. Lavender Buds' tea takes about 45 minutes to an hour to have its desired effect.

The tea made from lavender buds is pale in colour and delicately flavoured. It is recommended that you consume maximum one cup of Lavender tea 🍵 per day as more might be stimulating instead of relaxing. Lavender tea is an acquired taste and, if you use a few drops of lemon 🍋  it becomes more palatable. When combined with other flowers like chamomile 🌼, rosehip, roses 🌹 or lemongrass the tea 🍵  becomes more relaxing and will give you even more effective sleep.


Brewing/Preparing Lavender Tea

Making your own lavender tea  is a breeze! All you need is:

  1. A tea spoon or small amount of dried lavender buds for 1 cup of tea.
  2. Hot water. 
  3. The length of time you let the lavender buds' steep will have the biggest impact on the flavor of your tea. You will have to steep between 5-10 minutes and adjust to your taste. After that it will be quite easy to prepare lavender tea.If you do let it steep too long it will tend to pull out more bitter notes.
  4. You may serve your lavender buds' tea with a splash of lemon and a dollop of honey. 


Disclaimer: Consult with your Physician before you start this tea on a regular basis.


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