Matcha Chasen and Scoop Set

Matcha Chasen and Scoop Set

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This bundle is a set of 2 items or tools you need for a good matcha experience.

The Matcha Chasen and Scoop Set includes speciality whisk with stand, and a bamboo portioning scoop/chashaku .

The speciality bamboo whisk has a longer handle as compared to a traditional bamboo whisk. This whisk provides extra comfort, better grip than the traditional whisk and includes a  bamboo stand.

Note-Always sprinkle some warm water on the whisk before you use it.

The portioning bamboo scoop is well designed and polished in a manner that matcha powder doesn't stick to it and hence doesn't get wasted.  A standard matcha  portioning scoop measures about 1/2 teaspoon of matcha powder.


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