Matcha Making Full set
Matcha Making Full set
Matcha full set with whisk holder
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Matcha Full Set

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This bundle is a set of 4 items or tools you need for a good matcha experience.

The matcha bowl set includes, the single glass matcha bowl/chawan , speciality whisk with stand, portioning scoop/chashaku and a ceramic stand for maintainance of your whisk.

The blown cloud shaped glass chawan is handmade with a single glass piece. The cloud shape ensures that none of your liquid matcha splatters out while you are whisking to remove lumps from   the matcha powder. 

The speciality bamboo whisk has a longer handle as compared to a traditional bamboo whisk. This whisk provides extra comfor, better grip and includes a  bamboo stand.

Note-Always sprinkle some warm water on the whisk before you use it.

The portioning bamboo scoop is well designed and polished in a manner that matcha powder doesn't stick to it and hence doesn't get wasted.  A normal  matcha  portioning scoop measures about 1/2 teaspoon of matcha powder.

The Ceramic stand for the match traditional whisk or speciality whisk is a useful maintenance tool to give your whisk a longer life . The twiens are better maintained if you stick the matcha whisk on the ceramic stand after every use and washing.


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Matcha Ware & GPS-Pure Himalayan Shilajit

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