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Discount at 10% off storewide till 31 Jan. 2022;To avail Mention code" NY2022". For Purchase of $75 and above avail Free Shipping and Mention code "NY75" at Check out.
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Midori Matcha Tin - Premium Grade, Organic
Midori Matcha 100gm
Midori Matcha - 50 gm
Midori Matcha - Premium Grade
Midori Matcha- Blender Made Cafe Style
Midori matcha whisked ready for a latte
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Midori Matcha - Premium Grade, Organic matcha

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Midori Matcha -100% Pure Organic matcha, Certified by JAS

Net Weights: 30gm/ 50 gm /100gm

This green tea contains Caffeine.

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Our Premium grade Midori matcha latte is, suitable for use in beverages and dessert recipes with medium caffeine. The matcha is from the UJI region of Japan and boasts a vibrant green color, mellow umami notes (ambrosial sweet-savory), and the robust intensity required to shine through other complementary ingredients. It is perfect for all kinds of drinks and dessert recipes ranging from matcha lattes, cappuccinos, fresh and raw desserts, and pastries.

The Uji region has unique agro-climatic conditions: the soil, the climate, the altitude, the humidity, and the amount of rainfall, all of which contribute to the distinctive aroma and flavor profile of matcha that cannot be replicated anywhere else in the world. The matcha has refreshing green ‘ooika’ aromas and deep pine-green color.

  The benefits and joys of drinking Matcha have been confirmed by a wide variety of studies and they are innumerable, offering a healthier and more balanced lifestyle (for more read Blog on " The Science of Matcha").

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Source: Twitter  Sipology by Steeped Tea on Twitter. " Not only does our Matcha line....". 


Method/ Process for Making - MIDORI MATCHA 

You will need

  1. A bowl
  2. A Chashtsu or teaspoon
  3. A sieve
  4. 180ml water/ dairy milk /Non-dairy milk ideally
  5. A whisk/Chasen
  6. 1-2 Tablespoons of water at 70-75 degrees Celsius


1.Sift and add 2 scoops/ ½ teaspoons ( 1gm) of  Midori matcha into a bowl

2.Wet the bowl with a little water ( 1 Tablespoon? 0.5 fl. oz). Use 70-75degrees Celsius/160-degree fht. Filtered water or spring water

3. Massage into a smooth paste by applying gentle pressure to break up clumps

4. Add 50 ml /1.7 fl. oz of remaining water ( if you wish to make a matcha espresso shot; otherwise go to Step 5.

5. Pour steamed or frothed milk to create a latte

6. Sip up and Zen down

NOTE: Getting late but must have it! If you are in a rush and prefer to use a blender to make things easier in the morning.


  • Store Midori matcha in a cool dry place, away from moisture, sunlight, and odors.
  • Refrigerate after opening for maximum flavor and potency.

Review By Manya Sharma 



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