Pomergranate Summer Licious Tea
Pomergranate Summer Licious Cold Tea - Ready to drink
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Pomergranate Summer Licious Tea

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 Pomergranate Summer Licious Tea @copyright Glo Power Teas

Net Weight: 50 gm Pouch

This tea is for everybody! It is healthy herbal drink full of antioxidants.

This is a non-caffeine tea.
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Our Pomergranate Summer Licious Tea blend contains Pomergranate, lemongrass, roses 🌹, peach, apricot, apple, beetroot, cherry and rosemary. Pomergranate and rosemary leaves support immunity and brain health besides providing Vitamin C and A Nutritious Sip!

Preparation of  Pomergranate Summer Licious Tea

1. A teaspoon full of the Pomergranate Summer Licious tea blend for 1 cup

2. Hot water at 95 C 

3. Steep the the tea in hotwater for 7-10 min.

4. Cover the cup while steeping.

Note: While making a cold brew of Pomergranate Summer Licious tea, it is recommended, you steep in hot water and then cool it, refrigerate or add ice as you desire.

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