Premium Yellow Tea

Premium Yellow Tea

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This tea has Caffeine.

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Yellow tea is a type of tea that is rare and highly sought after. It is a specialty tea that is produced mainly in China, with some limited production in other countries like Japan and Korea. Yellow tea is similar to green tea in many ways, but it has a distinct flavor and aroma.

The unique characteristic of yellow tea is its processing method, which involves a step called "menhuang," or "sealing yellow." After the tea leaves are picked, they are allowed to wilt briefly before they are steamed. The steaming is followed by a process of wrapping the tea leaves in cloth, which allows them to slowly oxidize and turn yellow over a period of several hours. This process creates a unique flavor and aroma profile that is milder than green tea but more complex than white tea.


Our Premium Yellow Tea is from Yunan China. Yellow Tea is also called "Huang Cha".

The Aroma of this Premium Yellow tea is mild and summer dew like with light sweetcorn and malty notes. Premium Yellow tea is smooth to drink and has no grassy or vegetal taste. The tea colour ends up being golden in your cup. Yellow tea tastes somewhere between green tea and white tea. sip it nice and slow!

Processing of Yellow Tea- Yellow tea is harvested in early spring. Yellow tea undergoes a production process almost similar to green tea. But producing Yellow tea involves one extra, and time-consuming step. Once harvested the tea leaves are dried in direct sunlight or mildly pan-fired. This is followed by wrapping the dry leaves in wet cloth and steamed to induce mild oxidation.


The Yellow tea leaves are oxidised between 2-3 days in order to oxidate. During this time there may be additional pan-firing or drying of the leaves until they turn yellowish. This step is called sealing yellow or as the natives call it ‘men huan’. It is this extra added step that makes Yellow tea, yellow, special and rich with health benefits. Huang, yellow tea oxidizes at a slower rate which gives it a mellow taste and gets rid of the grassy flavor.


Yunan, China


Sweet-corn and malty and can be mellow in taste

  • The yellow tea is known for boosting metabolism,
  • Burning fat quickly,
  • It has polyphenols and catechins present which assist the metabolism to work better,
  • The antioxidants prevent oxidative stress due free radicles, and
  • The antioxidants help mental health and reduce inflammation.

Brewing / Preparing Yellow Tea?

1. Take 2  full teaspoons of Yellow Tea.

2. Add boiling water to the cup containing the yellow tea.

3. Let it steep for 2 to 5 minutes, depending on how strong you want it to be.

4. If needed, add honey or other preferred sweetener. 

 5. Strain it after 5 minutes. Your hot cup of perfect yellow tea is ready.


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