Single Cloud Glass Chawan

Single Cloud Glass Chawan

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 Single Cloud Glass Chawan is a hand-blown glass matcha bowl.  Hand-made, the single cloud glass chawan is a single piece of glass with no bubble. Our Single Cloud Glass Chawan is inspired by the shape of clouds.

The single cloud glass Chawan is meant for drinking matcha green tea and not lattes. The bowl features heat-resistant borosilicate glass, a visually striking and practical material to showcase the beautiful color of the matcha as it’s being prepared or while you are drinking matcha green tea.

Traditionally such exquisite chawans are used for tea ceremonies, whereas, for casual day-to-day drinking usually ceramic bowls are used. The cloud shape of the chawan ensures that there is no splattering of the matcha liquid while whisking.

The bowl/chawan has a capacity of 175ml water.

Dimensions: Widest Diameter 3.3" / Height 2.4"

+/-10% variations may occur due to the handmade nature of the product

This shape is ideal for holding the cup in the most natural way - Zen style.


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